We offer a specialized, evidence-based group for children, teens, and adults with social anxiety.   For anyone under age 18, the group is formed based on age bands, e.g. 9-10 year olds together, 15-16 year olds together, etc.  Groups are typically co-ed with no more than 8 participants, for the sake of ample practice time.  

Research evidence supports two components of behavioral treatment for social anxiety disorder as most effective: the (1) social skill building component and (2) fear reduction, also known as exposure-based treatment.  Our group provides these two components in a structured format.

This group is designed to address common social skills deficits found in people with Social Anxiety Disorder including initiating conversations, maintaining conversations, inviting peers to join in activities, joining groups, phone skills, using appropriate assertiveness, and accurately recognizing social cues. Each group consists of a nuts-and-bolts breakdown of a particular social skill, modeling of that skill by the facilitators, and behavioral rehearsals (role-plays) by group participants.  Gentle corrective feedback from group facilitators and peers help with skill mastery.  Between sessions, participants practice skills in a goal-directed way in their day to day lives to build skill generalization.

The social anxiety group meets for one 90 minute per week over the course of 12 weeks and is run throughout the year based on demand. Date/time to be determined. 

If you would like to put your name on the no-obligation waitlist for this group, please contact our postdoctoral fellow and group coordinator Dr. Candice Watson at ext 241 or cwatson@behaviortherapycenter.com.