How do I become a new patient at BTC?

BTC 's intake process is designed to determine whether what we have to offer is right for you. Generally, the first step is to call our front office (301-593-4040), where we can give you more information about BTC and obtain some preliminary information from you. This information will be given to our intake coordinator, who will contact you for more details regarding the reason for your call and the services you need. At that point we will match you to an available therapist with relevant experience and expertise.

What do I need to bring with me to my first appointment?

Before you first appointment, please go online to our website and fill out the "New Patient Forms” under the "About Us" tab. It is best that you fill these documents out at home before arriving at BTC so that the administrative office staff can look over the forms before the start of the scheduled appointment time. The therapy session cannot start until these documents have been filled out correctly and approved. Also, please bring a valid photo ID.

How long will I be in treatment?

The length of treatment varies considerably due to a variety of factors, including presenting problem, level of impairment, and participation in treatment, as well as other factors that are hard to predict. Standard CBT for an anxiety difficulty averages 3-6 months, but varies from person to person.

What are the fees?

Fees vary by length of session and other factors. We would be happy to provide information regarding fees for your specific needs by phone or email.

Do you have lower cost services?

We are very happy to be able to provide an externship experience for our clients at The Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington. This program provides lower cost services for therapy at BTC. These services are provided by doctoral students from local universities and are closely supervised by Dr. David Keuler and Ms. Ruth Golomb, the directors of the program. If you would like to work with a therapist at BTC, but find the cost is prohibitive or you do not have health insurance, please ask Nia, our office manager, about the externship program and we will assess the request for working with an extern based on need.

Do you accept insurance?

BTC does not accept health insurance and is considered “out of network.” It is the client’s responsibility to check with the insurance company regarding coverage for services. An appropriately coded bill including procedure and diagnostic codes and other necessary forms that your insurance company may ask you for will be provided and completed. Clients are responsible for any services that are not covered by insurance. Payment for services is expected at the time of the first appointment. For more information about fees, please contact one of our intake coordinators (301-593-4040 ext. 110).

What if I have Tricare/Medicare/US Family Health?

There are specific forms to fill out and procedures we must follow if you have Tricare/Medicare/US Family Health. Our office manager will be happy to discuss with you how to proceed.

Can I request a specific therapist?

Yes, you may request a specific therapist during the intake process. If that therapist is not available, another qualified clinician will be assigned to you.

Do I need to see Dr. Mansueto for a consultation first?

Dr. Mansueto does not need to see each new client for a consulation. He usually sees clients who have been referred to BTC for therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder, when there is question regarding diagnosis or if there are any special circumstances such as a person requiring therapy who is returning to the area from an inpatient treatment program.

Do you have a psychiatrist on staff?

We do not have psychiatrist on staff; however, we can provide you with referrals of psychiatrist with whom we have developed a working relationship with over the years.

Do you do psychological testing?

We do not offer psychological testing at our center. We do, however, collaborate frequently with school personnel and independent clinicians in the community who provide such services. All of our therapists will be happy to provide their patients with referrals for psychological testing if needed, and will coordinate care with any testing specialists whose services are retained.

What groups do you offer?

We offer groups that focus on Parent Management Training (PMT) and Social Anxiety. We also offer a support group for adults with OCD. Feel free to look up these programs on our website.

Do you offer support groups?

We offer an OCD support group called GOAL (Giving Obsessive- Compulsives Another Lifestyle) which meets every other Wednesday.

Do I need a referral to join a group?

No. However, when you are referred by somebody who is not a psychotherapist at BTC, you will need to have a consult with a group leader or supervisor to ensure that your needs will be met by a particular group.

What if I am put on a waitlist, how long will I be on it?

On average, an individual is on the waitlist for two to four weeks before a therapist has an opening to meet. However, the time varies depending on the availability of staff members and their experience treating individuals with a particular disorder(s) or problem of living for which you are seeking help for. When a prospective client has more days and times available, a greater likelihood exists that a therapist can meet with him or her more quickly.

What is a psychology associate?

A psychology associate is an unlicensed mental health provider who has been approved by the Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychologists to practice psychology under the direct supervision of a licensed therapist. Psychology associates hold at least a master's degree in psychology and are usually students who have yet to complete all of the requirements of their doctoral training or licensing process. Some psychology associates hold terminal master's degrees in a field of psychology that allow them to practice clinical psychology under a the supervision of a licensed clinician.

What is a psychology extern?

A psychology extern is a student who is currently enrolled in a doctoral-level clinical psychology program in the area. Two externs per year train at BTC from September through May of each calendar year. Externs are able to provide clinical services at a lower cost and are directly supervised by licensed therapists.

Who do I contact if I have a suggestion or complaint about services?

If you have any concerns, we encourage you to discuss them with your therapist as soon as possible. Should the issue remain unresolved, please feel free to contact our director, Dr. Charles Mansueto, at 301-593-4040, extension 111.